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    Sam & Glenna

    Mary and Karen are angels. I was standing outside the Whole Foods in Lynnwood asking for help. She asked me if I needed a coat, and asked about my living conditions. I told her about the RV that Mom and I live in. It is now cold, and they put us up in a home. [God set up a chance meeting with Sam when he was in desperate need. When he received help from Mary, he wept. He said he could not believe we could be so good.]


    Living in the woods is tough. It is actually called "swamp creek" because it gets flooded with water. Thanks for keeping us stocked with food and clothing. I have decided to go to rehab.


    I really thank God and you doing so much for me. Allowing me to sleep in a bed, be warm, do laundry, keep clean, eat good, and more. I pray every night for you and your family to be safe and healthy, and to ask God for strength and guidance to do the right thing, and help get me back on my feet, taking the street living away from me. I'm so happy that through God with you, I now feel a lot happier, better, and cared about. Just so glad you and God are a part of my life. I would be worse off without God's and your help. I do have more faith now than before, cause of my new and better situation. Just a matter of time before next step to my own place so I can pay myself, or at least do half of first month...I thank you and God every day, that I have been blessed with better more suitable good housing, that will be better soon, cause I now have the faith. Again I thank you and God so much and every day. Randy


    Matt is a retired vet who has spent a lot of time (2 years) trying to get benefits and help for his knee injury. He lives in a field near Emory's Nursery. He was so grateful to get food, propane, and a hair cut, since he lives in a tent. 


    You know what...I really thank you for what you've done. God has always taken are of me through people like you. 


    This will really help me until I can get back on my feet again. You try so hard to keep up, but it's true a lot of people are just one paycheck away from being without a home, and that was me. My circumstances were just right for the deck of cards to fall on my job and my apartment.